There is a story of how the name “Back in the Saddle” became the title of our latest CD.

The Train Of His Robe


The Lord has been teaching me. The pain began after I started to pray, “Lord, less of me and more of You!” I’ve experienced trouble at both places of my employment. People are dying around me and I’ve struggled with many of my emotions. This growing up and into Christ-likeness is not for wimps!

But thru it all God has been faithful and assures me He is with me (and you). I like to imagine that every time I feel the wind, it’s the train of Jesus’ holy robe brushing against me as He walks by my side.

So where have I gone in the midst of trouble? Death? Hardships? I go to the only place that’s ever made sense to me. By faith I run to Jesus. Some days I imagine myself (yes, I imagine a lot) sitting on a hillside with Jesus sharing my pain and joys. Other times I need to crawl up (imagining once again) in the lap of my heavenly Father and ask Him to hold me until the emotional storm passes.


Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-29(KJV) Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.


I have found that His yoke is the presence of the Holy Spirit (Christ within you).


In Matthew 7:7 Jesus says this, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.


Whenever I’ve asked the Lord to help me and made a choice to sit with Him in silence, study or meditation, He has never denied me.

If you’re struggling as I have been and probably will again, please take the Lord up on these scriptures. They are God’s promises to us thru His Son, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. Then find another trusted friend to share your struggles with and then go help someone else who needs a friend.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you His peace. And may you feel the train of His robe as He joins you each day.

In Christ Alone, Michael

Golden Eagle: A Higher Call

In life there is a call to duty, but sometimes there is “a higher call”, one in which the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ goes above and beyond our call of duty. I just finished reading an amazing book, A Higher Call. It takes place during World War II 1943 in the skies over Germany. An American bomber, it’s pilot and crew, their plane barely able to hold altitude due to heavy damage, tries to make it back to England. A miracle in the sky takes place when a German fighter pilot, Franz Stigler, pulls alongside the bomber, trying to get the attention of the pilot, Charlie Brown to head for Sweden only thirty minutes away. Franz stays with Charlie, taking a chance that the German cannons on the ground won’t fire if they see the German fighter flying alongside the bomber. Franz safely escorted Charlie and his crew out beyond the firing line, but for forty years never knew if the Americans made it home. A Higher Call is the story of one man’s integrity and act of listening to the “Higher Call”.

The book quotes:

As he approached the straggling bomber, it fell to Franz Stigler to make a choice. The action required by the call of duty was clear. He should attack and destroy the wounded B-17. But perhaps there was a higher call, requiring forbearance. Perhaps honor and humanity required staying the hand of destruction. It was time to decide. Act, in answer to the call of duty...or act not, in answer to the higher call. The sum of all his experiences led to the choice that few would have predicted and few would understand. "This will be no victory for me, Franz decided. I will not have this on my conscience for the rest of my life."

It is my hope and prayer that the songs on Golden Eagle: A Higher Call,  will take you to a higher place and to a deeper and more intimate friendship with God.

Let It Go

Have you ever held onto a painful image, feeling or experience because you were afraid to let it go? Perhaps you believe it was your fault, somehow you dropped the ball. It may have been a major fumble in life where the other team picked up the ball and took the championship game away from you or it simply could have been a swing and a miss and you still have two more tries.

Whatever the case may be God loves you. He is your biggest fan. In the Bible when Job lost everything, his family, fortune and health, God had Job look to the Lord and His creation. He offered to Job that if He (God) was big enough to care for the entire world, the raging seas, the universe and all it’s stars and galaxies, would he trust God to care for him?

Job’s response was to give God his painful past and he worshipped the Lord. The story reads that God redeemed all that Job had lost and gave him much more, including a new relationship of love with the Lord who adored him and still does.

If you are still clinging onto a painful past God understands. Won’t you ask the Lord to help you? He loves and adores you too. Jesus died for you too.

With Love, Michael

Mold Me Into The Man

Have you ever knelt down to pray and not even known where to begin? The list is too long or you may feel unworthy to come before a holy God. Recently I have practiced (notice the word “practiced”) being still before God. I simply begin with, “I love You Lord and I praise Your most holy name” and then I wait.

So often we give God our “to do lists” and then move on without saying thank you or even waiting to hear if He has something to say. I can guarantee that He does. A Father always has words for His children.

Even when I don’t hear a “word” from the Lord, I am showing Him that I am available and our relationship is the most important to me. It’s then I open my Bible and continue my daily studies (most days) and ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand what I am reading, the living Word of God.

Another simple prayer that my wife, Jeanne prayers for me and I for her is this: “Father, mold me into the man You desire me to be.” My wife prays that for me because she says then everybody wins! If she gets the man that she wants me to be then she’ll miss many of the blessings God has for us both. 

So we have learned to pray this simple yet powerful prayer for one another. Remember, the couple who prays together stays together.

         In Christ Alone, Michael McIntyre






My new Album

March 27th, 2014

Good Day Friends,

        I am excited to offer to God and you, my new album, “The Twelve”. It was recorded at home to avoid the costs of studio time. Each song is about one of the twelve apostles who followed Jesus Christ and changed the entire world.

My friend, Pastor Ian Lamont at Trinity Presbyterian Church on Hilton Head Island, SC where I lead worship, is currently doing an incredible sermon series on the life of the apostles. When I opened up my mouth and said, “It would be great to write a song each week to go along with your teaching”, he took me up on the offer! Within one month I had all twelve songs finished. Each song was a gift from the Holy Spirit.

After the album was finished Ian said to me that he was also going to preach on the Apostle Paul and Matthias, (added to the apostolic band after Judas died). I wrote one for Matthias and hopefully with God’s help will compose Paul’s song, but they won’t make it on this album…thanks Ian. ;)

With over a hundred songs having written, I turned to my beautiful bride, Jeanne and asked, “It’s great that God is giving me all these songs, but what is He going to do with them?” To which Jeanne replied, “Probably nothing if you don’t record them for Him and others to enjoy.”

My desire is that these songs on “The Twelve” as all the others to come would “out live my life” as Max Lucado says. One day I will be gone, but these songs will continue to bring God glory! Perhaps others will sing them to their children and grandchildren or in church or simply listen and worship Jesus.

May these songs bring you the blessings that God desires to give you and may the peace of God be with you and remain with you always.

In Christ Alone, Michael

The Journey of Mourning


         The loss of a cherished family member or friend due to death has a powerful effect on our lives. No one can grieve for us or tell us how long the process will last. Mourning is a mysterious journey we all must walk. We can and should allow others into our lives to help us and guide us, to offer suggestions, to share with us their own journey and what it’s like now. The one in mourning can draw strength from others knowing that they’ve made it through with God’s help.

         If you've lost a loved one and are struggling, try not to isolate yourself from others, but be open to ones you can trust have your interests at heart. Know that for each of us the mourning process takes as long as it takes. Be patient and take a day or even a moment at a time. You are not on a time schedule.

         Be encouraged from one who has suffered loss. Joy and laughter do return. This doesn’t mean you love this person less. It’s not a reason for guilt. It’s the process of grieving and it has a beginning and an end.

         Relax loved one. Pray, remain open and know that God will one day use you to help someone else move from mourning to joy.

In Christ, Michael

Fear to Freedom


My wife Jeanne and I are on week seven out of twelve leading worship inside the Ridgeland Correctional Institution or prison.

It has been an amazing journey each week watching God work miracles in these men’s lives as well as our own. The chaplain and chaplain’s assistant (an inmate) are both anointed men of God.

         While many churches teach the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ few take you thru the steps and train you to share it and then expect you to carry it out and follow up on how you’re doing. Along with this teaching these men are learning and being trained to put into action the healing of the sick and other miracles thru prayer and faith.

         When Jeanne and I lead worship each week these men are fully engaged! Everyone is ready to “do church”! These men can sing! My wife and I don’t lead worship, God does and we just show up. Neither one of us would have ever believed that going to a prison once a week would be the highlight of our week! We are so incredibly blessed to be a part of what God is doing at RCI in Ridgeland, SC.

         When the Holy Spirit of God is moving powerfully so are the powers of darkness. The leaders of this Core Ministry are under heavy attack from Satan. Please pray for Core as these men go back to their dorms day in and day out to share the love of Jesus. Pray that God would break the strongholds of the enemy and that Christ’s will be done. Hallelujah! 

Cover Us We’re Going In!


My wife and I were invited recently to lead worship…in a prison. I told God I was excited, but not at the idea of my wife going in with me! It’s an all-male prison with some female correction officers.


When I told Jeanne that we had been invited to lead worship for 30 of the core Christian inmates in the prison every Thursday night for 12 weeks she was jazzed! I was not. I was not in control (are we ever?) and I was fearful of the unknown.


I talked with one of the clergy at our church and he suggested I find a quiet place and talk and listen to God.


So I did. This is what happened.

I was by the water, listening for God, His creation. Finally I spoke. I told God how scared I was to bring Jeanne into the prison and I was having a really hard time with this. When we said we’d go anywhere to sing for You prison was not what I had in mind!

“Okay God, I never do this, okay once in a while I do this and you probably don’t like it. I’m going to open my Bible and as soon as I look down I would like to hear from You”. And I did. My Bible fell open to Isaiah 42 and my eyes landed on verses 6-7. “I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you, and I will appoint you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nations, to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison”.

That was all the confirmation I needed! I had heard from the Lord and we were going in, Jeanne and me under the Lord’s covering!

Nothing is better in this life than being in the will of God!

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