Purchase The Twelve - 1 CD Project: Twelve Songs

Beautiful raw melodies and harmonies encased in lyrics filled with truth of the twelve men Christ chose to change the world!!

Golden Eagle: A Higher Call - 1 CD: Twelve Songs

God has fashioned each of these songs on Golden Eagle from personal events in my life and the lives of family and friends. It is my hope that God would use this project to bless you in His perfect way. Oh how He loves you and me!

Christmas Shines With Easter Glory - Family Christmas Album

Come inside and explore this beautiful album filled with our family's celebration of Christmas.

The Journey - Our Newest CD

Songs For The King

Our first studio album featuring beautiful piano, jazz drums and acoustic guitar sounds along with inspiring lyrics and melodies!

We Are Never Alone - Songs of Wonder

Back in the Saddle - Raw and real and will stir your soul

These twelve songs were written with you in mind, to bless your mind and soul with truth and peace.

Family Time CD - Songs of Faith and Family

Songs of Faith and Family from our family to yours.

Back in the Saddle CD - 12 Songs

Country Fried Hymns - 16 Song CD

One might say Country Fried Hymns is filled with songs that stir memories of childhood church going with a twist. While some of the songs on this album are the traditional tune like Wayfaring Stranger and Rock of Ages, there are others that Michael has written a new tune for while keeping the beauty of the original authors lyrics.

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