Michael - Singer Songwriter

I was born in a small town outside Philadelphia, Pa. My father gave me my first guitar, a Harmony, when I was just eight years old. I began to take lessons and found learning to read music so boring that I didn’t pick up that guitar for another eight years. At sixteen, my best friend’s brother had a rock band, and I found myself inspired. When I showed my parents I was serious about learning, my father took me to buy my second guitar, a brand-new Martin D 18, which I still own and play. 

My love for the guitar began as I watched and listened to my father sing and play his ukulele. There were others in the family who played instruments, and it was a joy when we would come together to make music. I began writing my own songs at an early age. Music was a tremendous outlet to express myself in those formidable years. In high school, I began entering talent shows and playing in coffee houses. Within a few years, I gave my life to Jesus and began leading worship. Later, I moved to South Carolina for a job with a church in Charleston. Thirteen years later, I answered a call to Beaufort.

On February 14, 2008, I married my beloved wife Jeanne, who grew up here. With our marriage came two stepdaughters, a son-in-law, and now four beautiful grandsons! In 2010, I officially adopted Jeanne’s adult daughters as my very own. 

We enjoy living in Beaufort surrounded by live oaks, Spanish moss, and the beautiful islands and marshes. In my spare time, I love to read, write songs, garden, and work around the house with my beautiful bride, oh and play doorman for our cats and dogs.

Leading praise and worship for the Lord every week in local churches is a great blessing and a joy in my life today.

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