A Drop In The Ocean

Verse 1

There’s a wind blowin’ across this country

And I pray it will make you change your mind

It’s the wind of God’s holiness arising

A new season – a new time

Verse 2

God is calling out to this nation

To set our eyes on the Cross

Where Jesus bled and died, being crucified

What He wants now is our whole heart.


But it has to start with you and me

I know it seems we’re just a drop in the ocean

But a ripple begins with stone in the sea

Thrown with a forward motion

Verse 3

So when you wake up and ‘fore your feet hit the floor

Surrender your day to God

Ask Him to guide your steps thru the day

And lead you thru the open doors


Remember that your life’s not your own

And eternity’s a heartbeat away

Be thankful for the seeds He has grown

And seek first His Kingdom today

Repeat Chorus


So let’s throw some stones in the ocean.

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © December 2011


A Call To War

Verse 1

When will we stop living so selfishly

We are not our own Christ died to set us free

We’re not to live for this life or what’s supposed to be

Our souls belong to the worthy One

Who hung on Calvary’s tree

To set us free


We’re not serving Satan,

Let’s put down his weapons of war

Discouragement, gossip, lust and much more!

Dust off your Bible and pick up the holy Sword!

Join the heavenly ranks and prepare to go to war

For our Lord!

Verse 2

We believe the lie that’s it’s all about us today

Without Christ we’d die and simply wither away

But He loves us, and calls us,

And melts our hearts of stone

He gives our lives new purpose

When we follow Him alone!

Repeat Chorus


Greater is Christ within us,

Then the evil that’s in the world

It’s time we take back holy ground

We’ve given to the king of this world

God’s Word proclaims

We’re not princes and priests to come

But now and even more –

We wield the very power of God!

By Michael McIntyre © July 2011


Like Every Man

Verse 1

I’ve been walking this road like every man

Go to work try to make a stand, but I’m sinking                  

There’s gotta be something more to this life                                               

Two kids, a house and a wife and I’m thinking

Chorus 1

Here I am walking this road like every man

Here I stand though at times I’ve been known to fall

What happens when I get to the end of this road I’m on

I wanna know, that’s all.

Verse 2

I like to think of myself as a family man

Go to church whenever I can but I’m sinking

Well the preacher stood up with his Bible in hand

He said “God’s  got a purpose for your life and a plan”.

And I’m thinking.

Repeat Chorus 1

Verse 3

Now I might not have made it home last night

Big ol’ rig went straight thru the light - And I’m screaming!

So Lord this might be my last chance

I’ve got nothing to lose – I’ll take that stance

For myself, my kids and my wife - Jesus, come, be Lord of my life

Repeat Chorus 1


Now I’m changing, You’re rearranging – me

I’m a new man in God’s hand - Keep working on me.

Chorus 2

Here I am walking this road like every man

Here I stand though at times I’ve been known to fall

What happens when I get to the end of this road I’m on

Now I know…God’s all.

By Michael McIntyre  Ó 2008


He Is Faithful

Verse 1                 

As the deer pants for the flowing stream our hearts need You oh God.

Things are just as they seem and they’ve gone way too far.                        

Help us stop running to every idol! Help us, draw us back to You!

Verse 2

Why are you cast down my soul and why do you burn within me?

Storms, quakes, injustice of Man and the shaking of the seas

Let us hope in God, we need to praise the Lord

Set your eyes on Him instead of on the storm!


He is faithful, He is worthy, He will never change

He is righteous, He is mighty, Jesus is His name!

God forgive us, for sin within us.        

Come and take our hand, come restore the heart of Man

Verse 3

As deep calls unto deep as Your waves roll over me

I will cry out for mercy for this nation as I see

Why do I get up every morning, when the world crashes and burns

Around me? Repeat Chorus


My enemies say to me, all the day long

Where is your God, has He forgotten the words to His song?

By day He commands His love and at night His song is with me

And I shall hope in my God for He is right here with me.

Repeat Chorus

By Michael McIntyre © September 2011



Verse 1

There is a watchman in the watchtower

Looking out upon the land

He is announcing, what he sees to God

The heart and soul of every of Man

Verse 2

There is an evil presence in this world

Veiling eyes that once did see

The beauty and the truth of God

But now choose not to believe


But Je-e-sus is fighting for our fre-e-dom

Commanding mighty a-an-gels to protect us

And Christ our King is coming back for those who believe

Trusting in the King of kings – our Redeemer!

Verse 3

So keep your eyes on the King of kings

Not on the things you see

Cling to the tru - th,  of God’s Word

Have faith, hope and believe.

Verse 4

And leave all judgment to, Almighty God

Give that weight to Him, be free

For He has called us to love all men

Share Christ so the blind will see.

Repeat Chorus


For those who trust in horses

Shall be disappointed when

The watchman sounds his trumpet

Out across the land

But God saves His anointed

Fall on Jesus and believe

Evil will finally fall

And the right - eous in God will be redeemed

Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © October 2011


How Long Will You?

Verse 1

Jesus Christ is calling you.

How long will you put up a fight?

The path you’re on will it lead you to

Into darkness or into His light?


How long will you, how long will you

Resist His love, resist His love How long will you?

Verse 2

God is standing at the door of your heart

If you listen you can hear Him knock

He gave His life for you, He’s done His part

You once believed, what made you stop? Repeat Chorus


Today is the day of salvation

Call on the one who can save

Now is the time of God’s favor

Surrender before it’s too late

Verse 3

So what will you decide today?

Will you change your life for the better?

Take the road that leads to life.

Choose Christ and live with Him forever! Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © October 2011


The Word of the Lord 

Verse 1

The Word of the Lord says ‘soon’, I am coming back for you.

Will I find you waiting, anticipating my return?

The Word of the Lord says ‘room’, I’ve prepared a place for you

Where you will live with Me, holy and set free in love

Verse 2

The Word of the Lord says ‘believe’,

Come to Me so you may receive

New life in Christ, put your sin and your striving away

The Word of the Lord says ‘today’

Salvation has come your way

Don’t wait too long, while you still have breath you can say


Holy, Jesus You are holy,

Son of God, forgive me, for all the sins I’ve done

I fall on Your Cross that lies before me

Trusting that I’m now free, ransomed by Your blood

Holy holy Lord, holy holy Lord.

Holy holy Lord, holy holy Lord.

Verse 3

The Word of the Lord says

‘Come’ give your life to God’s only Son

Be changed from within, by Him you’ll receive a new life

The Word of the Lord says ‘choice’

Stop and listen to God’s pure voice

Choose who you will serve, don’t wait to learn it’s too late


Knowing Christ is the fullness of heaven

He is our greatest reward

In Him we find joy everlasting

So get ready for His return! Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © October 2011


Position Yourself To Pray 

Verse 1

God does not like to share His glory. God will never share His throne.

It was pride that changed creation’s story  - and left us all alone.

Verse 2

Every chapter of life has been the same since Eden

When sin entered the heart and soul of every man

But God so loved the world that He took us

Out of the grip of death’s dark hand


Turn around, turn around position yourself to pray

Turn around, turn around it is Christ alone who saves

Turn around, turn around oh how God loves you so

Give your life to Jesus and you’ll never be alone!

Verse 3

At the end of your life will you have wished you had taken

Another road than the one you are on?

Take the road that leads to life, don’t be mistaken

Pride goes before a fall


The love of God is that you would know the One

That re-wrote Eden’s tale with His blood

Gave His life for sin – but each one must come in

By faith in His work on the Cross                          

By faith in His work on the Cross Repeat Chorus


Give your life to Jesus and you’ll stand next to His throne!

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © October 2011


Let Us All

Verse 1

People are blind to their sinful state and God I know I’ve been one

To judge and blame, but not my sin to take to the Cross of Your risen Son

Lord please heal our nation, forgive us for all we’ve done

Let us confess our sin and invite You in-You’re our only hope Jesus!

Verse 2

He has called us to be humble – He has called us to be meek

To lead the world not in armaments, but to the Prince of Peace

God forgive us for our selfishness and melt our hearts of stone

Train us Lord to love every man and to live for You alone.


Let us all come back to the Lord!

Kneel down and give your heart away

To Christ the King Ruler of everything

Surrender your lives and be saved!

Verse 3

When the Word of God is lived and preached

Some believe and some wonder

Whatever your decision, on the judgment seat

God will decide, God will thunder

For those with faith in Christ will receive

The crown of life head into glory

But those who waited too long or said no to the King,

That’s a very sad story Repeat Chorus


The slate will be wiped clean as if they never existed

Romans, Cretans most of Man, thrown into a fiery cistern

Judgment is coming to the whole wide world, no one will escape that day

But God in His great mercy, has provided a way to be saved

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5

So take some time, but be quick to think,

Who you will serve, be still, choose a master

I pray you’ll choose Christ and His eternal joy

And avoid the final disaster

Repeat Chorus

By Michael McIntyre © September 2011


Solid Ground

Verse 1

With our nation beyond broke

And storms on the horizon

Systems  shutting down

And no safe place to hide

Who can save this nation,

Our present generation,

A president, a talk show host

Or our own national pride


If there ever was a time for a hero

To step into the world it’s right now

To restore our hope in country

And teach us what the flag still means

And place our feet back on solid ground.

Verse 2

I believe I know of such a hero

He may not be as we desire

For His Kingdom isn’t of this world

He’ll change your life and set your soul on fire

Yes, He may not be the hero we perceived

But when it counts He’s all we’ll ever need

Repeat Chorus


More than two thousand years ago

He became the greatest hero

When He died and rose up from the grave.

So take up the Cross of Christ

With His Spirit deep inside

And be a hero in someone else’s life.

Verse 3

God forgive us for forgetting

Your love for us we cry

When on the Cross Your only Son

Gave up His very life

Not to restore our nation

But for our souls salvation

Please help us to surrender

Our hearts and very lives Repeat Chorus

By Michael McIntyre  Ó 4/20/2010


There Is A Reason 

Verse 1

There is a reason that the dark turns to light

That the dead come to life and live again

There is a reason that what was broken’s made whole

The wounded soul’s welcomed home with outstretched hands

There is a reason

Verse 2

There is a reason that hope’s on the move

The rough ways made smooth and He leads us

There is a reason that we can believe

That every prayer He receives, He answers.

There is a reason


Jesus, no longer crucified, at the Father’s right side, He is risen

Jesus, Strong on His throne, He calls all His own to love!

There is a reason

Verse 3

There is a reason God turns evil to good

The cheater knows that he should get right with the Lord

There is a reason the child runs from her home

And their father runs down the road to find her

There is a reason


For nothing is impossible with God, His ways are higher than ours

By faith we’ll swim the raging river. Joy will fill us as we live it.

Christ, in our hearts our song!

There is a reason!

Verse 4

There is a reason Jesus is coming again

It’s all part of His plan to redeem us

There is a reason our eternal home’s on the way

Love’s made a way as He hung on the Cross for us!

He is the reason!             Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © August 2013 


Romans Eight


If God is for us who can be against us

He who did not, spare His own Son

But gave Him up for us all, how will He not also

With Him, give us all things.

Verse 1

When all else fails and all seems lost

He’s gone before us and paid the cost

Even for our darkest days

He paid it all, on the hard wood of the Cross!

Repeat Chorus


Neither height nor depth nor angry men

Can keep us from God’s love

Neither death nor life or anything in all creation!

Neither past nor present nor things to come

Can ever separate us

From the love, of Jesus Christ our Lord

Repeat Chorus

By Michael McIntyre Ó April 2011


My Father’s Eyes

Verse 1

I have seen my Father’s eyes, lookin’ out for me

But I’ve been gone so long, don’t think He’d remember me

Don’t think He’d remember me, don’t think He’d remember me

Verse 2

I had it all everything I wanted, everything I’d ever need

But I was a fool for greener pastures and now there’s nothin’ left but me

Now there’s nothin’ left but me, now there’s nothin’ left but me


So I picked up my feet and started running

Didn’t stop ‘til I got home

You won’t believe me when I tell you

But when I ran thru the door there was a party goin’ on

Yeah, when I ran thru the door there was a party goin’ on

Yeah, when I ran thru the door there was a party goin’ on for me!

Verse 3

I have seen my Father’s eyes, lookin’ out for me

And I’ve been home for so long now, that I never wanna leave

No I, no I never wanna leave, no I never wanna leave

Repeat Chorus


And I know that you’ve always loved me, ‘cause I’ve a son of my own

When he wanders off without me, I’m always waitin’ to welcome him home


I have seen my Father’s eyes

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © 2001


How Long (Mary’s Song)

Verse 1

Everyday’s a new beginning and tomorrows just the same

There, there will be no more sinning, filled with love and there’s no shame

Verse 2

Suffering they say makes stronger, the one in You who does abide

I’m not sure now what takes longer, death to pain or death to pride


I can feel You in my heart Lord, as You run with me tonite

Jesus, You’re my only Savior. Love me tonite!

Chorus 1

How long until You show me? How long until I see that it’s true?

How long ‘til I’m not lonely, when I see Your face and I’m home with You?

Verse 3

I sang a song as she lay dying, my lifeline to love here on earth

Down the road God brought His healing. Now this song has different words.

Repeat Bridge

Chorus 2

Now I’m standing on Your mountain. I’m on that golden distant shore

Surrounded by my eternal family, I behold Your eyes and scars!


Come meet the King. Come meet the King.

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © 2013 


In the Heart of the Savior

Verse 1

In the heart of the Savior from the Cross

Bleeding dying counting all the cost

Our great Redeemer to the end

Gave His very life so that we would be with Him

Forever in the heart of the Savior


He is our great example of how to live by faith

Trusting in the Father who saves us by His grace

Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus not on the things we see

For those who trust in Jesus the best is yet to be

Yes those who trust in Jesus the best is yet to be

Verse 2

In the heart of the Savior so dear to Him

Is each soul who surrenders so new life can now begin

And the chains that tightened in which we were bound

Have been broken by the Holy One who laid His life down

It’s written in the heart of the Savior

Repeat Chorus


Because of His great love for us we are not consumed

Great is His faithfulness we have been rescued

Great is His faithfulness we have been rescued

Repeat Verse 1

© September 2011 by Michael McIntyre





















































































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