Don’t Walk Among The Idols

Verse 1

Purify yourselves; trust in the blood that saves you

Surround yourselves with love from the ones who follow God

Don’t walk among the idols, let’s grow in holiness

We are children of the King; in Him we find our rest


Don’t walk among the idols; they’re waiting for you to miss

Your quiet time, your worship day so they can subtly kiss

Your mind with temptations and their temporal worldly ways

Don’t walk among the idols, pray hard and stay away.

Verse 2

Separate yourselves from darkness and walk in His light

Gather strength from others who know God is their might

Hang on to what is holy and believe God’s Word is true

Do what is right and love the Lord in everything you do.


He strengthens me by His power, He teaches me from His Word

He loves me through His people and I am filled and encouraged

Faith is the mystery that heals us; His grace is sufficient for me

We must remember His promises; they’re coming true today

Verse 3

So do you want to follow Jesus and stand on Him alone

And be a light to your children, they will watch you as you grow

Jesus will protect you in everything you do

Only live your life as light to His Good News.

Verse 4

So remember when you walk out of here today

Someone may know Jesus by the things we do or say

So take courage and be still, you are Christ’s and you are filled

With all you need to get you through this day.

By Michael McIntyre Ó2000

I Am

Verse 1

Bring me your sorrows, bring Me your shame

Bring Me your growing guilt, bring Me your blame

I will forgive you, Redemption’s My Name,

Bring Me your burdens, fuel your flame.


For I am the Living One, I am your Savior

I am the Lord on High, I am the Lamb.

Verse 2

Bring Me your weakness, bring Me your tears

Bring your unworthiness and your greatest fears.

I will have mercy and I’ll show you My love;

I’ll guide every footstep, just trust Me.


When you walk with Me -  I will set you free

From your worries and frustrations.

And when you thirst - seek My Kingdom first

And I will save you, I will rescue you.

Lyrics by Erin Cooley/Music by Michael McIntyre Ó 2002

Lift Up My Head

Verse 1

Lately I’ve been thinking Lord - How much You love me

How You were born to die - On the Cross at Cal’vry


So, I lift up my head - I lift up my head - I lift up my head to You

Verse 2 

Lately I’ve been thinking Lord  - About this treasure

That You gave me long ago - In stormy weather


And as the river rises on the shoreline - I will run to You with all my heart

Give me a passion to love You - Like I did at the very start

Verse 3 

Lately I’ve been thinking Lord  - about forever

My family and friends and me - With You together

Verse 4

Lately I’ve been thinking Lord  - About forever

There’s smooth sailing up ahead - Looks like good weather

By  Michael McIntyre © 2005

Jerusalem Days

Verse 1

A long time ago on a lonely hill

A Man shed His blood for you and me

He took the time to live His life

For all humanity 

Verse 2

He didn’t have to leave His home

But He left because He loves us

It must have been fun for Him to walk

And laugh and live among us.


But O those sweet Jerusalem days

When He sang sweet songs with His people

Though He knew great pain the joy remained

How He longs again for those days

Those sweet Jerusalem days


And then He shall be King

Being loved by everyone

Not just a chosen few

We’ll all be mesmerized

Looking into His eyes

He will be glorified

No longer crucified

We’ll praise the Lord forever

Praise Him together

We’ll praise  the Lord forever Hallelu…

Verse 3

Let’s be a light for the world

That’s what He told us to do

Holding hands in His Spirit

We must meet here and gather His strength

To see us week through


A long time ago on a lonely hill

A Man shed His blood for you and me

By Michael McIntyre Ó2001

I Surrender

Verse 1

A place where He ‘d found so much joy

Had turned into a garden of sorrow

It overwhelmed Him ‘til He cried,

“Oh I don’t won’t to die tomorrow.”

Chorus 1

“But I surrender, I surrender, because You love them so

“But I surrender, I surrender, because You love them so.”

Verse 2

“I am scared and I need company

But my friends won’t stay awake with Me.

Please take this cup out of my hands

For I see only darkness in front of me

Only darkness in front of Me.”


“My God My God why have You forsaken Me?

I’m tasting death, are You leaving Me?

But no Your light is coming back

The light I see is Your love for the saints

And Your love for Me.

The Light I see is Your love for Me!”

Verse 3

They beat and mocked and killed our King

Oh to Him they did every wrong thing

But to the end as from the start

Only love filled His heart, only love filled His heart.

Chorus 2

I surrender, won’t you surrender, because He loves You so?

I surrender, let us surrender, because He loves us so.

By Michael McIntyre Ó 1994


Verse 1

Anthony had grown up on the city streets

Had a rough life fought some tough fights now was king of his beat

But something still was missing and he began reminiscing

He said “Lord I’m tired of living this life and I’m ready to give it up.”

But I heard You would listen, don’t know about forgiving

All my sins Lord, all my sins

Verse 2

My mother used to pray for me when I was a child

Taught me about Jesus and how He loved me

But the streets were so easy and I forgot You Lord for years

But if it’s not too late, I hope it’s not too late…I’m ready to give it up

Cause I heard You would listen, don’t know about forgiving

All my sins Lord, all my sins.


And the Lord said, “My son remember that I died for all.

Every nail that pierced my skin, every wound that hurt me so

Oh-oh I died for all. And I rose again like a fresh wind soaring above the world, bringing light and life, what a holy sight

And heaven rejoiced and angels gave voice to me, Anthony!

Oh oh I died for all.”

Verse 3

So ask Me Anthony, ask me to forgive,

Not your most horrible but all your sins

Ask Me Anthony ask me to come in, into your heart to live

Cause you heard I would listen and I’ll be forgiving

All your sins son, everyone.


I am the Light of the world and I’m reaching out to you

Take a hold of My hand and leave this world behind you.

By Michael McIntyre Ó1990

Who Deserves Your Time?

Verse 1

Well I know the dishes are dirty

And you’ve got to get supper going

And maybe the kids are calling

And the nightly news is on


Ah but Who deserves your time

Who deserves your time

Isn’t He the One who died

On the Cross?

Verse 2

And maybe there’s best seller books

You’ve been reading instead of His Word

And you find yourself needing more time

To do the things you never do get done


Satan is stealing our time away

He’s keeping us away from God each day

By getting us off of our knees

He robs our spirits blind

Verse 3

Whenever I’m getting ready to pray

Something hits me and tries to pull me away

By reminding me of all the things I have to do

And then I remember the words to this song

And the Holy Spirit and me sing along

And I find myself on my knees and I begin to say

By Michael McIntyre Ó2000

Coming Clean

Verse 1

Have you ever felt dirty, like you would never come clean?

Something you had done has kept you from the One

Who surrendered His life for you and me.

Do you know you can be forgiven every wrong that you have ever done?

This we know for God tells us so in His holy and wonderful Word.

Chorus 1

Ask my child and you shall receive Him, His arms are open wide for you today.

Now is your day for salvation. God has come, God has come for you today.

Verse 2

Jesus will surely change you, but He says be not afraid

Turn from your sin, yes turn and enter in, into paradise, it’s just a prayer away.

Reach out and touch the hand of your creator. Trust as a child and simply say

“Lord I’m afraid and I need You! Come into my heart today”.

Chorus 2

Ask my child and you shall receive Him, His arms are open wide for you today.

Now is your day for salvation, turn from your sin,

Turn and walk away and run to Jesus.


Jesus has the power to change you. He’ll give you hope and raise you up on high.

He will turn your sins into white snow and you will change like a butterfly

And you’ll fly.

Verse 3

Have you ever felt dirty, like you would never come clean?

Something you had done has kept you from the One

Who surrendered His life for you and me, So surrender your life and be free.

Music and Lyrics by Michael McIntyre © 1991

A Follower Of Your Heart


Jesus, help me Lord to be, a follower of Your heart

Jesus, help me Lord today, I need to make a fresh start.

Verse 1

‘Cause I’ve tried to make it all on my own

And I have never felt so alone.

Verse 2

‘Cause I long to be loved just as I am

Someone to hold me and help me to stand.


And I want to know, why You love me so

I’ll never understand, but hold me in Your hand

By Michael McIntyre ã 2007


Verse 1

Remember back when you were just a mere lad

And you put on clothes that belonged to your mom and dad

You wanted to pretend to be just like them

So you stared in the mirror at your reflection

Verse 2

Now no longer children we’re growing in the love of our Lord

Trying not to get tossed by waves of the ocean

One Lord, one faith, one God and Father of all

Now we’re called to be His reflection


So stand strong and remember, you don’t belong to the world

You were ransomed by His blood

So dwell not on your sins, but confess and begin again

We are made new in His love

Verse 3

We are called to be humble, gentle and patient in love

To lift up each other in His peace

So come on there’s much to do

Don’t let satan remind you of what God’s forgiven you.

Verse 4

Now that we are grown let our eyes be on our children

And learn from their simple faith and trust

Let’s put our lives in the One Who makes us righteous and holy

And calls us to trust like children in His love

Verse 5

So let’s go to the water and put on the clothes of our Father

And share His reflection with the world

And every time at night pray that someone will see His light

As you cast His reflection upon the water

Let us cast His reflection upon the water

We can bring His reflection to the world.

By Michael McIntyre Ó 1982

Peter’s Song

Verse 1

Lord where are You going? What am I to do?

Without You here beside me

The days are turning blue, without You.

Verse 2

You rose again like a fresh new wind and You appeared before us all.

Now You’re ascending, is this all ending? Are we alone after all, after all?

Pre-Chorus 1

I’m scared and lonely Jesus, don’t know what to tell our friends

I’m uninspired and oh so tired, I wish this feeling would just end

Chorus 1

Then suddenly the room was filled with a rushing wind

There were flames of fire filling God’s desire

And I knew You were with us again

Then I remembered what You said, about a gift to be received

Your beautiful Spirit descended and released

Our hearts for the purpose of serving You, risen Lord

Now I’m inspired and my heart’s on fire

With the Spirit of our living Lord, living Lord


Lord I feel Your presence now and I rest in Your Spirit

I resign my heart to Your Third Part

Verse 3

Today I remembered oh just who is my King

Now by His power I can do anything

Anything for the kingdom – anything for His glory

Verse 4

Let God’s Spirit set you on fire again, go spread His news about Jesus Christ

To every stranger, family and friend.

He gives His Spirit freely – When we ask we will receive,

So get down brothers and sisters, get down on bended knee

Pre-Chorus 2

Now build Your Church upon this rock You call Peter!

Chorus 2

Whatever your name may be, You’re a rock for the man from Galilee

Will you go build His Church just like me?

Will you go build His Church just like me?


I was scared and lonely Jesus, ‘Till Your Spirit set me free!

By Michael McIntyre Ó2003

Blessed Be The Name Of The Lor

Verse 1

Blessed be the name of the Lord

Blessed be the name of the Lord

For He is worthy of praise, and He is able to save

The souls of men

Verse 2

Blessed be the name of the Lord

Blessed be the name of the Lord

For He is filled with such love

And pours it down from above

He loves us so.

By Michael McIntyre Ó 2009























































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