Great Awakening

Verse 1

Lo He is coming soon upon His great white stallion

Every eye will see His majesty and glory

Some will rejoice and some will cry out, confused and full of fear

Will you be ready when the Lord Jesus Christ appears?


A great awakening! Lord, Your great awakening.

Come Holy Spirit prepare Your Church

For Your great awakening (Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

He delays His coming again so everyone would seek Him

He was here to show His great love the first time He came

Jesus paid the price for your sins on the Cross, as He bled and died.

What will your answer be? Will you follow the King, the Christ

Repeat Chorus


Never before have we needed You more, many have fallen away

Prepare our hearts Lord to love You and others. For

Your Kingdom may we seize the day!

Repeat Chorus

Michael Stephen McIntyre © November 2012

Christ The Rock

Verse 1

Have you ever heard your baby cry

Or had someone close to you die

And thought you wouldn’t make it on your own?

Or you didn’t know just what to do

Or where to go or who to run to?

Just then you were rescued by His Bride!


The Church is His people, living across the land

Abiding in His love, lending a helping hand.

We are built upon a Rock, Christ our Lord a sure foundation

We will spread His hope to others

Restore this Christian nation on Christ the Rock.

Verse 2

Sometimes it’s so easy to run this race called life

Never taking time for others, there are blinders on our eyes

Even in our own church there are ones that we don’t know

Who are lonely and hurting and don’t even let it show.

Repeat Chorus


Now we are candles burning brightly in His name

Every time we help another we increase the flame

Verse 3

For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven

With a loud command and a trumpet call

And the dead in Christ will be the first ones to arise.

After that we who are still alive

Will be caught up together in the sky

To meet the Lord our Savior in the air.

And we’ll be with the Lord together

We’re His Church forever and ever

And we’ll sing and live in His love all day long.

Repeat Chorus

By Michael McIntyre Ó 1995

I’ve Been Saved!


I was baptized as a baby boy, saved by the blood of the Lamb

God set a date to meet His Son and say yes to the great I Am

My life was changed forever; I was set on a different path

God was sittin’ in the drivers seat, He can have the wheel at last

I’ve been saved!

Verse 1

My soul was changed forever, but I was now confused

I thought everything would be all right but I had work to do

Verse 2

I struggled in my ego while my flesh was dying to Christ

It’s a daily painful battle sometimes it’s a hell of a fight

But I’ve been saved!


Well we only improve in the places that we work on

And for so long I let life pass me by

But I’ve learned to pray and ask God to mold me

More and more into the shape of Jesus Christ

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

So if you follow God and you struggle daily in your sin

Don’t believe the lie you’re not saved you’ve been born again

Don’t give up, keep praying, you’re not ever alone

One day you’ll hear that one true voice cry out welcome home!

Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © March 2012

A Royal Treasure (Matthew 28)

Verse 1

There once was a king who was one of the good guys

So far in the story it seems.

He lent much to his servants who didn’t have much money

But one day they’d have to pay.

Verse 2

Well that day had suddenly come so it seemed

And some were worse off than others

As the king went along and gathered his sum

One servant owed much and couldn’t pay.

Verse 3

To the slave market off you go, cried the king

You and your entire family!

The man fell on his knees, he cried and he pleaded

The king’s heart warmed, the judgment receded


Forgiveness is a royal treasure that money never can buy

When it’s offered to you don’t let it pass thru

Your arms but hold on for dear life

Verse 4

I wish I could say that was the end of this story

That he learned his lesson the first time

But if he was like me, ‘twas the bottom of the sea

He had to hit a few times

Verse 5

You see the servant had no sooner left the king’s court

When he met a man who owed him some money

He begged, cried and protested, but he had him arrested

Now it don’t seem quite as funny.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 6

Now the friend had some friends of his own

And they brought the news to the king

The king summoned the man and full of fury began

To show his servant what his actions would bring.

Verse 7

I forgave your entire debt, yelled the king

When you begged and pleaded for mercy

Now I send you away until you can pay

All of the debt that you owe me.

Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © 2011

Jesus Walks The Halls of the Prison

Verse 1

Jesus walks the halls of the prison

Into the cells of the forgotten ones

And comforts the aching of the memories

He holds the terrified in His arms

Verse 2

He stands by the bed of the sleepless

And sings over the lonely souls

No bars or walls can keep Him out

Of the heart that yearns for freedom

Chorus 1

Jesus walks the halls of the prison

Bringing love and joy and peace

He offers the gift of forgiveness

The wonder of Salvation’s release

Verse 3

He reaches thru the bars to the outcast

Touches the hearts of stone

Releases them from the burden of hate

Eases the poison wind that blows

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Jesus walks the halls of the prison

He is calling your name

You can trust Him with your life

You will never be alone again.

Lyrics by Jeanne McIntyre Music by Michael Stephen McIntyre

© October 2013 One Million Souls For God, LLC

Wait For The Lord

Verse 1

So many times I’ve sinned against You only

Vowed my allegiance to another love

Thou I cry and say I’m sorry

I end up framed in the mind I started from

Verse 2

Is there no one who can rescue me from torment

I feel like I am being pulled apart

At times I have the peace of God that feels so good

Then sin grabs me and my world falls apart


Who will rescue me from this body of death

And the wretched man that I am?

Thanks be to God thru Jesus my Lord

His work on the Cross saved this man!

Verse 3

In Christ all my sins are washed away

Thou I daily struggle His promise still remains

If I would trust in the work of the man on the Cross

I’ll stand before Him free one day


God, If You can forgive us for slaying Your Son

The very worst crime mankind has ever done

I’ll trust in Your blood when I don’t feel forgiven

Remind myself it’s by faith in which we run

Repeat Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre

© August 2013 One Million Souls For God, LLC

The King Is Coming

Verse 1

The King is coming let the people rejoice

The King is coming let us lift up one voice

Prepare your heart and soul that day draws nigh

When every eye shall see Jesus Christ

Verse 2

Christ brings the Kingdom that He won on the Cross

His death bought our freedom, have you counted the cost?

To follow Jesus you must lose everything

Cling not to this world but to the King


He could come back any minute, any hour, any day

Will He find you hiding or with your arms upraised?

Jesus loves you as you are don’t wait ‘til you’re okay

Let Him wash you clean right now, salvation can be yours today!


When He comes to claim His Kingdom will you be numbered with Him there?

Are you ready for His coming or will you be caught unaware?

Repeat Verses 1 & 2

Repeat Chorus


Surrender to Christ, surrender to Christ

Surrender to Christ and be saved!

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © January 2012

Drawn From Straws

Verse 1

How would it feel to take my place

Deceiver to the Savior’s face

How did you replace the one who fell-away?

Verse 2

Drawn from straws new apostle man

Joined to the apostolic band

Sing your song and live your life for God.


Matthias was the added name

To the flock replaced the shame

Of Judas who betrayed the Son of Man                            

Matthias stood the test of time

No mud was slung, his name still shines

As one who told the story of the Cross

Verse 3

Denied yourself so I might live

Into the roughest villages

You carried the Gospel to the lost

Verse 4

Stoned to death the tale is told

Encourage us to be so bold

To die to self no matter what the cost

Repeat Chorus


Matthias Matthias The fact that you were chosen tells a lot

Matthias Matthias One day we’ll know the truth of all you’d done

Repeat Chorus


Let us stand and tell the story of the Cross.

By Michael Stephen McIntyre

© March 25, 2014 One Million Souls For God, LLC

God Thy Will Be Done

Verse 1

There’s something that I’d like to say

Some words to pass on your way

You can take it or leave it or maybe believe it

Or relate to the message in some way

Verse 2

You see at times I’m prone to wander

Wrapped up in my own praise

I pray I’ll always remember - I’m dressed only in rags


God, Thy will be done - God, Thy will be done

From the rising to the setting sun - God, Thy will be done

Verse 3

Sometimes I rush out the door - Eager to start “my own” day

Then I’m hit with temptation and with great proclamation

I cry “Lord, have Thine own way”!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4

Now sometimes the “getting” is good - And I forget to remember

That it’s down in the valley when I hear You call me

To You may I always surrender


But God gave up His Son - Christ paid my debt on the Cross

May I be moved to tears throughout the years

Not mine, but Yours be done

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5

Not when my life is over - But from this moment on

May I live each day and faithfully say, “God, Thy will be done”.

By Michael McIntyre Ó2010

You Have Awakened My Heart (For Jeanne)

Verse 1

You have awakened my heart and set me on a mountain top

I knew right from the start, my love for you would never stop

And you are, my forever and always, that’s how it should be

I love you truly. Yes you are my bright summer morning

Jeanne how I love you so!

Verse 2

When I look in your eyes I can see the love God’s placed there

If you find me fall silent I just have to stop and stare

God has made me feel like a King, by His sweet offering

Of you in my life and now you’re my beautiful bride.

Jeanne how I love you so!


And I know, God saved you for me, and I will be grateful eternally.

Yes, I know God saved you for me, two hearts brought together in unity.

Verse 3

You are my morning and evening, the friendship I’ve always wanted

When you lay your head on my chest my heart it pounds with thunder!

And I can’t, quite catch my breath, my thoughts miss a step

And I’m filled with wonder and how my heart comes alive!

Jeanne how I love you so!

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © October 2011


Verse 1

Sit down children and I’ll tell you a tale.

May take awhile, you never can tell

‘Bout a might river in the southern land

God formed it with the palm of His hand


Roll on Edisto, leaves turn your water as black as coal

Roll on Edisto, your banks sing a lullaby

Verse 2

Thru the mist he flies the great blue heron

Silent and steadfast upon his mission

While the loon she cries and the cardinal wings

Bringing in the mornin’ while the eagle sings.



Roll on, roll on, thru the sun and thru the rain,

Thru the joy and thru the pain Edisto

Verse 3

Orista tribe and Cherokee

Lived on the river and down by the sea

Two young brave can be seen not a rip

As they still their oars in the morning mist


Verse 4

Home to the otter, owl and man

The river takes you back to a distant land

When the Indian and the cypress knees

Both breathed life from the river to sing


Repeat Bridge and a quiet Chorus

By Michael Stephen McIntyre © February 2013 (On the Edisto)

Waiting For Hope


Waiting for Hope,

We know she’s out there somewhere,

Waiting for Hope. Waiting for Hope

When will the Lord deliver her?

Waiting for Hope.

Verse 1

She’s already the apple of her daddy’s eye

And with joy her mom will cry.

Our hearts and arms are open to the Lord,

He gives and takes away. Chorus

Verse 2

Her little girl’s heart,

Is looking for a home.

She longs for a family,

One to call her own. Chorus


Here close by  - or across the sea

We’d run across the ocean,

To bring her back to be,

Our little girl. Then we’d see,

Her dancing in the moonlight,

With mommy and me.

Daddy playing guitar,

While mommy sings along

Jesus here with us

Together we are strong. Chorus

By Michael & Jeanne McIntyre Ó 5/21/2010









































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